“Cunie is very professional. I got in touch with her via my wife. From the start Cunie has been able to not let this get in the way and I fully trusted that everything we discussed was kept confidential. She was very professional during the intake and coaching conversations. She applies the theory, but due to her extensive work experience en her way of being with people knows how to find the right balance. In addition she is not afraid to ask confronting questions, which will make you start to reflect and think. This helps you to take steps and find the answer to your coach question.

Cunie is a very clear communicator and knows how to get you enthusiastic. After each session I went home feeling excited about the ‘homework’ and she gave me a lot to reflect on in order to find my way and answer my questions. I would like to thank Cunie tremendously for her help. The last couple of months have been challenging for me. But, also thanks to her, I now see a future full of options and possibilities. I have found peace and quiteness in my head again.”

Rodnie de Jonge

“Due to Cunie’s calm nature is she gives the other person all the opportunity to talk freely. She is not easily satisfied and will probe and continue to ask questions. She does so to give you clarity and makes you think further. I needed to dig deep sometimes to find my answers. It was so good that she did this.  

I have asked Cunie to confront me and when she did, it was a turning point for me. She may use this more often.

Cunie, I would like to thank you so much. It has not been easy for me, but I know that it is not supposed to be easy. I am so happy that I met you and you were my coach. I hope you will continue to coach, because you are só good at it.”


“Cunie has helped me tremendously gaining insight into which job functions would suit me best. Cunie is a very professional lady, who prepaires the sessions very well and gives good feedback. She helped me so well that I would definitely advice others to get in touch with her. If you are stuck in your career, do not know what you are good at or you have little insight in your personality, then she has the right instruments to help you gain insight.

Mine I will use for my future.”