Catch the fish!

Firm Forward helps highly educated expats and internationals to find out what their drivers and talents are, so that they can be released in their work.

People learn fastest if they come up with their own solution for a problem they face. Line managers often use, due to lack of time or by habit, a directive leadership style. They offer solutions to employee – give a fish -whilst in many cases; they could have used the coaching leadership style – teaching the employee how to fish. They hand out the rod, by asking two or three questions and let the employee catch their own fish. Find the solution that fits best for him or her.


The coaching style of leadership

The coaching style of leadership improves the self-confidence of the employee and accelerates his development. Once your employee is aware of it’s drivers and talents (TMA method) and knows what his development area’s are, then it is crucial that his line manager supports his development process. Besides giving advice and providing the necessary training in the process, he can use the coaching leadership style. Let him catch the fish!

This training provides the line manager with the basic skills to apply coaching in the workplace.


What’s in it for the line manager?

Less fire hazards, What about more time, more creativity, motivated and engaged employees. Plus, the manager will be able to use the collective knowledge of the team.


What is in it for the team of employees?

For employees it is a positive experience. The line manager asks questions and solicits solutions and answers from the employee. He not only feels heard, but he will accept the solution … it is his own! He caught his fish.

Employees become more enthusiastic and engaged, which has a positive effect on exit rates and illness rates.

Firm Forward trains managers the basic coaching skills in a one-day training. Follow up sessions and individual coaching sessions to secure and enhance what is learned are optional. The one-day training is not only a fun training, but a true eye-opener for every line manager (even for the ones that have been a manager for years).

We offer a complete package, which is tailored to your company’s needs and goals.

Both employees and line managers learn how to fish … a win-win situation!


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