Set up the gear; rod and reels!

Firm Forward helps highly educated expats and internationals to find out what their drivers and talents are, so that they can be released in their work.

Firm Forward is a certified TMA professional. TMA stands for Talent Motivation Analyses. TMA is based on the vision that people are motivated best, most effective and successful in work that lies closest to their true nature. It’s from this starting point that, in particular, the TMA Talent analysis focuses on the employee or candidate and finds the job position that is most appropriate. The analyses consist of a, at least, a validated Talent Motivation test and report one-to-one conversation with a professional. A competence analyses or capacity test are some of the other instruments the TMA method offers.

Has your expat or international little insight in his drivers and talents. Do you question the match with the job function? Do you wonder if he has the right skills and competencies or whether they can be developed? Will your employee stay motivated in the job function? What is his overall development potential? These are some of the questions the TMA method can help you answer.

The TMA Talent Assessment measures:

  • 22 drivers and 44 talents
  • Motivation of your (future) employee
  • Which factors give a drain their energy
  • 53 competencies and their development potential

The report that you will receive will also include information about the ideal work circumstances and management preferences for the candidate and his/her style of learning and development. You will receive a balance candidate report that has been formulated positively in terms of talents and development and does not judge your candidate. Because of this, the outcomes are generally recognized and accepted by the candidate.

The TMA method can be used as a stand-alone analyses (including a review) or it can be included in a range of career coaching sessions. The employer will included as much as is needed or wished. The employer will always receive proper suggestions for further development of the employee.


How does the TMA Talent Assessment work?

The Talent Assessment takes about 45 minutes that is spent by the candidate at his computer. The questionnaire consists of statements, behavioral items from which the candidate always has to choose the one that matches him best. Thus the drivers and motivations of the candidate are unraveled in a subtle manner.

The outcomes of TMA Talent Assessment are systematically correlated with each other and are analyzed in terms of talents that reinforce and neutralize each other.

You will receive a candidate report and a shadow (expert) report to evaluate the drives and talents that are present. The reports give insight in qualities and pitfalls and offer you an extensive range of interview questions, development activities and coaching recommendations matched to your candidate.

With this at your disposal, you can get a more thorough and more valuable insight into your candidate. You make choices and recommendations in a structured and well-reasoned manner.

In addition we can match the TMA, talents and drivers with 53 different competencies. Then we can also measures the competencies by using the online 360º feedback instrument. It generates feedback through a number of people with a different perspective of the behavior of the candidate. The goal is to obtain a broad picture of the current behavior in the workplace in order to predict future behavior.

It will help you to match your employee’s needs and talents with the preferred competencies within your organization. How much more clarity can you get?


We have only scratched the surface of the instrument’s potential. For more information contact us.

An example of a Candidate Report can be found here: TMA Candidate Report.

A short video explaining the TMA method you will find here.