Set up the gear; rod and reels!

Firm Forward is specialized in Career Coaching services for Netherlands-based highly skilled employees such as expatriates and international workers. We help you to unravel your talents and to create the career you truly want!

Do keep on receiving the same feedback from you line manager or peers about your pitfalls? Do you want to make important career choices, but are you afraid to make mistakes? Do you wonder if your current role really fits you? Feeling demotivated?

At Firm Forward we use the online TMA tools to give you insight in your drivers, your talents and the work environment that suits you best. The TMA philosophy is that people are motivated best and are most effective and successful in work that lies the closest to their true nature. It’s from this starting point TMA Talent Assessment focuses on your drivers and talents. It will give you (and your employer) insight in your needs and your strengths, your pitfalls and energy drainers. TMA Talent assessment makes it possible to conduct an objective, constructive and especially thorough analysis of your motivations, talent and development possibilities.  TMA stands for Talent Motivation Analyses and offers different online tools to measure drivers, talents, competencies, interests and capacities.

The first tool is the online Talent Assessment and a one-to-one session with the TMA professional. More tests can be done such as a Competency test, Capacity test and 360-degree feedback. The goal of the process determines which available tool we will use. TMA also offers two smartphone applications to support the development process. The tests and report are available in several different languages such as English, French, Spanish and German.

The TMA Talent Assessment measures:

  • 22 drivers and 44 talents
  • Your motivation
  • Which factors give a drain energy
  • 53 competencies and your development potential

The TMA Talent Assessment report includes information about your ideal work circumstances and management preferences your style of learning and development. It is a balance report that has is formulated positively in terms of talents and development and does not judge you. Because of this, the outcomes are generally recognized and accepted.

How does the TMA Talent Assessment work?

The Talent Assessment takes about 45 minutes that is spent at your computer. The questionnaire consists of statements, behavioral items from which you have to choose the one that matches best. The outcomes of TMA Talent Assessment are systematically correlated with each other and are analyzed in terms of talents that reinforce and neutralize each other. You will receive the candidate report, which we will discuss with you. You can then draw your conclusions towards your current positions and your future career goals.

In addition we can match the TMA talents and drivers with 53 different competencies. They can be measures by using the online 360º feedback instrument. It generates feedback through a number of people with a different perspective your behavior related to selected competencies. The goal is to obtain a broad picture of your current behavior in the workplace in order to predict your future behavior and to determine your development objectives.

It will help you to match your needs and talents with the competencies requested in your preferred job function. How much more clarity can you get? You have a complete overview now of the steps to take career wise.