Your company has one or more expats or internationals employed? This target group demands specific attention, especially concerning their development and (future) job job function in- or outside your company.

Once an expat or international has worked for your company for a while and you have conducted performance reviews, their development will also become a subject matter.

Your highly educated and very skilled expat or international employee has no insight in his drivers and talents? What the best job match is or insight in missing competencies? There might be a difference of opinion about his or her talents. Firm Forward is there to help you and your employee.

We believe that you know best which criteria to apply to your (potential) employees. We also believe that you know best what you are looking for in your organization. We offer a talent-oriented approach that allows you to reach your employees’ maximum potential. We do so by giving the insight in their drivers and talents and we match those with the requested competencies in their current or future job function.

By giving the employee insight in his drivers and talents and by matching these with competencies he will learn not only where to fish but also how to fish and which fish to catch. You can match your employee with the correct job function (at this moment in time) within or outside your organization. The operation results of your company plus the team surrounding the employee are going to be positively impacted. The employee’s engagement and independence grow in case the line manager does not also throw a fish at the employee (a solution for an issue), but asks questions and let’s the employee find their own solution. It enhances the self-confidence and insight in performance and behavior. Imagine how much time is saved for the manager! Learn how to fish; where to throw the rod and which fish to catch.

Firm Forward will help your employee and it’s manager to release his/her full potential.

Whether your employee needs help for talent development, career development or personal development purposes, Firm Forward offers the following instruments, in several languages, to reach the set goal(s):

TMA Method  Set up the gear; rod and reels!

Coaching  Select the proper bait!

Training  Catch the fish!