What do we do?

Firm Forward is specialized in Career Coaching services for Netherlands-based highly skilled expatriates and international workers.

Catch your own fish is our tagline! By that we mean that you as an international employee take control of your career goals. Do not (just) accept the fish that are thrown at you by others, but grab a rod and catch your own fish.

We offer three programs:

  from feeling…                to feeling…         what and how?    

1 bored out                        energized            Get clarity about your talents and drivers by one simple step

2 dependent                      in control            Take control over your career in two simple steps

3 burned out                     confident            Now tackle the confidence ‘thing’ for good in six steps

Are you unsure about your next career step? Would you like to take a career step and want to hit the ground running? Do you feel that your current position does not match with your talents or needs? Did you receive feedback about development opportunities and want to tackle them? Do you wonder if the current work environment suits you? These are some examples of questions our clients asked themselves and we helped them to find the answers.

What tools do we use?

We offer several different online instruments such as assessments and feedback tools, but also coaching and training. Your end goal will determine what instruments we will use.

TMA Method  Set up the gear; rod and reels!

Coaching  Select the proper bait!

Training  Catch the fish!


What is in it for you?

By filling out one online assessment, called the TMA Talent Assessment, you will get insight in 22 drivers and 44 possible talents. These are linked with 53 competencies, your preferred communication style, your learning style and the work environment that best suits you. You now have a clear picture of what job function(s) fit you best and you can steer your career and development process in an effective way. During coaching and if needed, we will tackle any hindering thought or anxiety and training will help you to further develop your competencies. Regain control over your career and determine where to cast your rod!


  1. Determine what your drivers and talents are by using the validated TMA method;
  2. Match these with the requested competencies in your current or future position;
  3. Ask for feedback from superiors and peers;
  4. Draft a constructive development plan;
  5. Work on the plan with your coach from Firm Forward.

Firm Forward has all the online tools available to take you through each step.

100% focus on you

Your development, your growth process and your job satisfaction is our focus…. 100% attention for you. We first determine your goal, in consultation with your employer if needed. We constantly evaluate if we are still on the right track. We guarantee confidentiality of the content of the process. The report(s) that we will share with your employer will be first approved by you.

Can we make it sustainable?

There is nothing more important to us than you being satisfied with the help we offer. Not only do we want you to solve your short-term ‘problem’, but also we aim to achieve long-term ‘profit’ for you. How? By your finding your answers, taking each step individually and by experiencing how to catch a fish, your will be able to continue to do this in the future. Sustainable development!

Method of working

That all depends on what you need. It can be as simple as filling in the TMA assessment and one coaching conversation, to a full blown program including home work assignments and video’s. First step is a free of charge intake either by telephone of face-to-face.

Don’t wait.. plan your free intake conversation today via info@firmforward.nl.