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Firm Forward helps employees to find out what their drivers and talents are, so that they can be released in their work.

Sometimes a coaching intervention is needed in order to assist your employee on his career path and personal growth. Coaching is an instrument that will help to accelerate the individual’s development based his strengths and opportunities for improvement, his drivers and talents. They are used to design a reflective and practical development plan that supports both the individual’s growth objectives and the company’s core strategies. The fundamental idea again is that the individual learns how to catch his own fish, find their own answers. Whatever the objectives are coaching will always improve the employee’s insight in his drivers and talents, his independence and problem solving ability. It is a powerful instrument and has great impact on the employee and the company.

How does it work?

During the intake we determine the objective(s) of the coaching intervention, the budget available and the role of the employer. We will then design a development plan, which includes the instruments used (e.g. TMA, Capacity Test, 360° feedback) for your employee, which we will discuss. Mid term we will evaluate and if needed adjust the process/end goal/instruments used. Once the end goal is reached we will evaluate the process and you will receive a balanced report. At every step in the process we will keep the end goal in mind.

Where does the coaching take place ?

The sessions take place at the employer’s office, elsewhere if preferred or online by using Skype or FaceTime. The coaching conversations will take 60 to 90 minutes and in between the sessions the employee will have to do his homework.

Talent development & coaching

Systematically determine what talents you already have in your organization and know how existing and required competencies can be effectively developed. Help employees develop themselves in competencies that are needed in your organization. An effective talent management program provides your company insight in the specific talent of your employees and helps them to develop these talents in a effective way. This taking your company’s strategy as the starting point. Firm Forward will help you to shape the talent management program and offers all the instruments needed to do so. We match the needs of your employees with the competencies requested and indicate what the gap, development potential and development activities are. A complete package with great impact on your employees and your company.

Career development & coaching

Matching employees/candidates with job functions within you company was never easier. Once the TMA talent Analyses has provided us with the information about the employees/candidates drivers and talents, we match them with the role in your company. We will indicate the development potential and list development activities for the employee/candidate so you can make the perfect match.

The TMA Talent Analyses and information from the competency match will be shared with your employee/candidate. Together with his manager and coach he can then better determine his short term and long-term career opportunities. The employee can move into action immediately in order to reach his career goals.

Personal Development & coaching

For employees who want or need to get better insight in their patterns of behavior, beliefs and thoughts, we offer personal development coaching. They will learn how to make choices based on their (life-) goals and realize them. Creating awareness about behavior, thoughts and feelings will help the individual to steer them. Determine where to fish, which fish to catch and how to do so. Consciously decide.

A few examples of employee’s struggles and questions:

  • I stay awake at night worrying about things. I am so tired.
  • I bump my head every time: How can I change these automated patterns and beliefs?
  • I don’t feel well psychologically: How can I balance my career and my personal life?

Coaching is powerful instrument for development. For more information, please contact us.

Firm Forward is registered coach at NOBCO (Dutch professional coaching association) and we work according to their policies and guidelines.