Select the proper bait!


Firm Forward helps you to find out what your drivers and talents are, so that they can be released in your work.

Are you unsure what the next step should be career wise? Or on the opposite ….. do you know exactly were you want to be in 1 year, 3 years or 5 years, but you feel hindered by something (yourself, your thoughts, your boss)? Do you have an idea what you are good at, but you keep on getting the same feedback from your manager about your pitfalls?

A coaching intervention will assist you on your career path and your personal growth. Coaching is an instrument that will accelerate your development based on your strengths and opportunities for improvement, your drivers and talents. They are used to design a reflective and practical development plan that supports both your growth objectives and career goals and they add to your employer’s core strategies. The fundamental idea again is that you learn how to catch your own fish, find your answers, and take control over your future (without necessary having to change employer or job function). Whatever the objectives are coaching will always improve your insight in your drivers and talents, your independence and problem solving ability. It is a powerful instrument and can have great impact on you.

How do we know if coaching is the correct tool?

The basic philosophy is that you (maybe unconsciously) have all the right answers for you as long as we ask you the right questions. We do not steer, it is your process, your development. You learn how to fish! We are the boat that takes you out to sea.

Coaching can be an effective tool for talent development, for career development, for personal development, upon return to work after sick leave and for outplacement. Coaching works if you are willing to reflect on your behavior, what works for you and against you. We ask questions, we will stimulate you to step out of your comfort zone and we guide your process. It is a powerful instrument.

How does it work?

During the intake we determine the objective(s) of the coaching intervention, the budget available and the role of your employer. We will then design a development plan, which includes the instruments used (e.g. TMA, Capacity Test, 360° feedback). Mid term we will evaluate and if needed adjust the process/end goal/instruments used. Once the end goal is reached we will evaluate the process and you will receive a balanced report. At every step in the process we will keep the end goal in mind and we will keep your employer informed about your progress.

Where does the coaching take place?

The sessions take place at your employer’s office or elsewhere if preferred. We can also use online tools such as Skype or FaceTime. The coaching conversations will take 60 to 90 minutes and in between the sessions the you might have to do some homework e.g. filling in online TMA instruments, reflect, practice, speak to people.

Firm Forward is registered coach at NOBCO (Dutch professional coaching association) and we work according to their policies and guidelines.

Tax deduction for individuals

For individuals, the costs for coaching and career coaching may be tax deductible under certain conditions. Please contact your tax consultant or the Tax Administrator for the latest information on this subject. No rights can be derived from this free information regarding tax regulations.