Complaint Procedure 

This procedure is part of the General Terms of Firm Forward.

1.    General

  • This complaint procedure is an appendix of the applicable general terms and of Firm Forward. This procedure becomes applicable in case a contracted party of client (the petitioner) has a complaint about the services provided by Firm Forward.

2.      Definition

  • The subject of a complaint can either be the conduct of or (lack of) action taken by Firm Forward or an engaged third party. The petitioner may submit a complaint if he/she considers that an action or behavior, or it’s failure or refusal thereof has an impact on his/her justified interests.

3.      Submitting a complaint

  • The complaint can be submitted in writing within eight days after the conduct or action has taken place or within eight days after reasonably has been determined that the incident happened led to a complaint. Exceeding this time limit will lead to inadmissibility.
  • In the complaint the petitioner describes the facts that have led to the complaint and in which way he/she considers to be treated inappropriately and/or in by which his/her interests have been harmed.
  • The written complaint will be sent confidentially to the postal address of Firm Forward.

4.      Complaint treatment in first instance

  • In first instance the owner of Firm Forward will handle the complaint.
  • The petitioner will receive a written receipt confirmation within two weeks after the complaint has been received. In the confirmation letter the owner of Firm Forward will summarize the facts and indicate how the complaint will be investigated
  • The owner of Firm Forward will handle the complaint within four weeks after the complaint has been received. In such case that the owner of Firm Forward needs more time, she will inform the petitioner as soon as possible and give a reasonable indication of the time needed to handle the complaint.

5.      Investigation of the complaint

  • The owner of Firm Forward will investigate the complaint. Upon request, the petitioner will give further explanation/information about his/her complaint.
  • The owner of Firm Forward will gather all information necessary to assess the complaint. The owner of Firm Forward is allowed to request information from witnesses and/or independent experts.
  • The investigation will focus on whether the act or the behavior:
  1. is contrary to the provisions in the applicable service agreement;
  2. are carefully and with due observance of the usual procedures have been established.
  3. are in accordance with the requirements of proper and professional conduct and are in consent with the standards resulting from the principles of reasonableness and fairness.

6.      Judgement

  • In case the owner of Firm Forward considers the complaint to be legitimate, she will confirm this in writing with arguments to the petitioner. If applicable, the owner of Firm Forward will present a proposal to either rectify the behavior/situation/act or compensate, taking into account the regulations regarding force majeure in the general terms and conditions.
  • In such case that the owner of Firm Forward concludes that the complaint is not legitimate, the petitioner will be informed in writing with sustained arguments. If the petitioner wishes so, the contract between petitioner and Firm Forward will be dissolved taking into account the general terms and conditions.

7.      Complaint treatment in second instance

  • If the petitioner does not agree with the conclusion and handling of the complaint, he/she will submit the complaint to the Raad voor Klachtenbehandeling (Board for Complaints) of NOBCO (Orde van Nederlandse Beroepscoaches / the Dutch Order of Professional Coaches) via The owner of Firm Forward will accept the conclusion/judgment of the Raad.
  • For a private petitioner the regulations of art. 6: 236 sub n BW also apply.

8.      Effective date

This procedure has taken effect on January 1, 2017.