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Who is Firm Forward?

Firm Forward has been established by Cunie Wolthers-Ruiters. During my career as an HR professional for large international companies such as Nike and GlaxoSmithKline, the differences between people fascinated me: their career paths, their development opportunities but also their hindering beliefs and conflicts. Cultures and languages have been something I have been interested in since an early age.

In 2007 I discovered coaching as an instrument to accelerate people’s development whether personal or career wise. I was trained to be an internal coach at GlaxoSmithKline and facilitated training for line managers on coaching on the job.

I discovered what my passion was, namely to stimulate people to get the best out of themselves. Know what your drivers and talents are and use those.

After finishing a Post-Bachelor Life and Career Coaching at Balansgroep I took the initiative to establish Firm Forward. It offered me the possibility to translate my vision on personal growth and development into honest, long-term and low threshold interventions that help both employees and organizations to progress.

I am a registered coach at NOBCO (Dutch professional coaching association) and work according to their policies and guidelines. I regularly work with other coaches and trainers in order to help you reach your goal(s). I co-create with you and my network.

Cunie Wolthers


Good to know:  Tax deduction for individuals 

For individuals, the costs for coaching and career coaching can be tax deductible under certain conditions. Please contact your tax consultant or the Tax Administrator for the latest information on this subject or visit the website of the Tax Authorities in The Netherlands. No rights can be derived from this free information regarding tax regulations.



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